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Residencies of Latin America #1 – May, 11th 2018 – La Paz, Bolivia


Residencies of Latin America #1, Conversation with Artists In Residence Television

May 11th 2018 – La Paz, Bolivia

This Friday, May 11th, Artists In Residence Television will give a conference about residency programs in Latin America. This event is organized in collaboration with the artistic residency Materia Gris and will be presented by the Persona Casa Galería, in La Paz (Bolivia).
Special guest, the Chilean artist Felipe Cura, currently artist in residence in Materia Gris (La Paz), and arriving from the R.A.T residence in Mexico.


Artists In Residence Television is an online video channel (Vimeo) dedicated to artistic residencies. Created in 2017 by young cultural entrepreneurs Alexandra Christev and Vladimir de Vaumas, Artists In Residence TV aims to produce 200 videos in 20 months presenting the 200 artistic residences that mark Latin America.
Since their departure on September 26th, 2017 from Paris to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the two French have already traveled more than 8000 kilometers in five countries to meet seventy artist residences and interview more than two hundred directors, founders, artists, curators , researchers and other cultural agents in residence.

Art residencies have developed greatly in the last two decades, and today there are more than two thousand residences of artists around the world. A real phenomenon, and several large residential networks with their open call lists have emerged as Transartists, Residency Unlimited, China Residency, Rate My Artist Residency (now Rivet) or Resartis. These allow the residences to publish  a description of the residence and the modalities of selection of the artists, accompanied by photos of their infrastructures.
Artists In Residence TV is born from the fact that only 30% of residences produce audiovisual content, but 87% of them produce it professionally and have a video channel (54% of them are on YouTube and 42% are on Vimeo).

Artists In Residence TV has three main objectives:
– First, the creation of presentation videos on spot so that everyone has the same opportunities to present their program to artists.
– Second, the creation of audiovisual content on the subject of residences and their methods of management, communication, marketing and financing, in order to democratize and share current practices with the founders and managers of residences.
– Finally, gather all the audiovisual contents and video channels of residences in a single website so that artists and other contemporary art lovers can access it more easily. And this to increase the visibility of residences and the dissemination of new artistic practices and disciplines.


Felipe Cura (Chile)
During the last years, Felipe has worked as co-manager and curator at Temporal Gallery, a contemporary art exhibition space in Santiago de Chile. As part of this team, he carries out activities both in Chile and abroad, among which the participation in: ArteBA. Barrio Joven; Buenos Aires (2013); Puro Chile; Municipal Museum of Modern Art (MMAM). Cuenca, Ecuador; (2015) This is not a museum; MAC Quinta Normal (2013), Minga: collective work systems, Gabriela Mistral Gallery (2015), Ailments, Ninth Biennial of La Paz (2016); among other.
With this project, he has obtained the Fondart (National Fund for Cultural Development) for the years 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018.

The residence project that is currently under development has as its central axis, the Mercado de La Merced in Mexico City and the El Alto fair in Bolivia. These sites host spontaneous relations between citizens, product of social, commercial, and community activities, which respond to the interest to develop a research referred to recognize these places as containers of historical memory and intangible cultural heritage. Both spaces are characterized by a mixture of local identity and multiculturalism. The market reflects in superimposed layers, a daily task product of the confluence of the rural and the urban, the meeting of diverse social classes, and both local and foreign customs.
The first stage of this project was carried out in Mexico City, in R.A.T (Art Residences by exchange) and currently the second stage is carried out in Materia gris, La Paz, Bolivia.

Free Admission.

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