ArgentinaResidence of Artists

Residencia Corazón – La Plata, Argentina


Name of Residence: Residencia Corazón
Principal disciplines: visual arts, writing, theater
Founded in: 2002 – residency programs since 2007
Founders:  Juan-Pablo Ferrer, Rodrigo Mirto
Number of residencies per year: 10
Address (City, Country): La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina





The Residencia Corazón has been created by Rodrigo Mirto and Juan Pablo Ferrer in 2002 in the city of La Plata, state of Buenos Aires. Dedicated to visual arts, this residency program welcomes since 2007 emerging and established artists, but also curators, actors and writers to experience the art scene of Argentina during a few weeks. « Actually, we have 2 residential programs, one that can be with a final exhibition and the other that is more about research and project development. But in general, it is a very personalized residence where we evaluate the artistic project, » explains Juan Pablo Ferrer, founder of the space.

The artists in residence will be offered a place to live, a working space, and some encounters with the local art scene. « We have links to many cultural spaces, including museums and public places. We offer the artist from the stay, the accommodation to the production, the pre-production of his work. Within the program, there are some curatorial practices in which the artist has meetings with the curators, » indicates Rodrigo Mirto, founder of the Residencia Corazón.

With more than ten years of experience in the residency activities, the Residencia Corazón is one of the best places for an immersion in the Argentinian culture. « They offer a lot of support, they are very friendly, they’re always checking to see if we need something and, I don’t know, it’s a lovely place to be, I recommend it » adds Malu Porto, writer in residence at the Residencia Corazón.


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