BarcelonaResidence of Artists

Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani – Barcelona, Spain


Name of Residence: Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani
Principal disciplines: visual arts
Founded in: 1989
Founders: Isidre Bohigas
Number of artists in residence per year: 20-25
Address (City, Country): Barcelona, Spain


Artists In Residence Television is proud to present the first residence of artists created in Spain, Piramidón, Center d’Art Contemporani, located on the last four floors of a sixteen plants building on the heights of Barcelona.

Founded in 1989 by Isidre Bohigas, Piramidón is a hybrid space combining studios of artists, studios for resident artists and a gallery in the penthouse of the building with one of the most amazing views of the Catalonian capital.
« In total there are currently 16 workshops/artists’ studio: 14 of them are designed for artists living in Barcelona and have their place of work here, and two of the studios are for international exchanges or with the rest of Spain » explains Jordi Bohigas, Director of Piramidón. The artists in residence are provided with an accommodation place directly giving on a work space where they can reside for three to six months. « The vocation is international, we started the first artist exchange that I remember in 1992 or 1993, » notes Jordi Bohigas.

Piramidón offers a very professional and liberal environment where artists and actors of the residence build a strong artistic community echoing in all Barcelona. « I understand Piramidón as a very eclectic place where there are many ways to understand the artistic practice, and at the same time be able to develop your own space, » tells us Stella Rahola, artists in residence since five years.Artists that reside in Piramidón for a shorter time of stay in order to prepare a body of work for an exhibition need this residency period to focus on their production. « The good thing is that I can live right here; there are people who do not like it very much but I do like it to have the workspace and housing at the same place » indicates Aldo Urbano, artist in residence for a few months.

For Yamandú Canosa, permanent resident in Piramidón, the main reasons are the studios and the community of artists surrounding him: « a great space in magnificent conditions. It’s all advantages! » exclaims the artist.