ArgentinaResidence of Artists

Panal 361 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Name of Residence: Panal 361
Principal disciplines: visual arts, curating, research, design, cultural managers, international exchange
Founded in: 2012
Founders:  Silvana Ovsejevich, Matías Garber
Number of residencies per year: 25
Address (City, Country): Buenos Aires, Argentina




PANAL361 is an art center created in 2012 by Silvana Ovsejevich and Matías Garber in Buenos Aires. With 40 art studios, an art gallery, many multifunction spaces and the organization of numerous activities from art formation to cultural management, PANAL361 has built one of the most important art community of the Argentinian capital. In addition, the residency program RAP created in 2013, allows international artists to come in Buenos Aires, and national artists to go abroad thanks to the reciprocity agreement they continuously build with other residencies. « It is one of the fundamental pillars and it’s growing at the same time. It is a series of exchange programs for artists, creatives, designers, curators and cultural managers of the world who want to come to make a residency in Buenos Aires, here in PANAL361, or for Argentinian artists who want to make a residence abroad » explains Paz Segura, coordinator of the residency program.

During their stay, the artists in residence will be offered accommodation, a studio, which can be rotating in between the different workshops of the local artists, curatorial accompaniment during their process, and a final show or an open studio or a talk with the public at the end of the residency. «  If you want to know about the art scene in South America, it’s a very good beginning to start in Buenos Aires, because then you have this bigger scene, and also with good galleries » indicates Andreia Santana, artist in residence in PANAL361.

The residence PANAL361 definitely allows artists to experience in depth the Argentinian art scene. « I believe that for any human being, any experience transforms him, and going to live, putting the body in an experience, inevitably it will be unforgettable, it will be something that is going to change you. Really, it is something that generates growth in any person » confides Silvana Ovsejevich, founder of the art center PANAL361.


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