BoliviaResidence of Artists

Kiosko Galería – Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Name of Residence: Kiosko Galería
Principal disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, multidisciplinary
Founded in: 2006
Founders: Raquel Schwartz
Number of residencies per year: 14
Address (City, Country): Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia




The Kiosko Galería, created in 2006 by Rachel Schwartz, is nowadays the most important art gallery of Bolivia. In addition to participating in international art fairs, Kiosko organizes numerous exhibitions for both established and emergent artists, within the two gallery spaces they own in the city center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Kiosko Galería also has an ongoing residency program for both Bolivian and international artists.

« Kiosko Galería was created […] not so much as a gallery, but as a space for the production of contemporary artistic events. […] There is an exchange of dialogue, knowledge and culture within the residence. That’s a part of the project’s process » explains Rachel Schwartz.

The residency program is open to visual artists as well as curators, writers and investigators who wish to explore the rich cultural scene of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Selected artists in residence will see half of their travel expenses covered, will be offer a room as well as a workshop, and will receive a stipend for their stay to cover for material. The residency generally ends with an exhibition, an open studio or a talk to present the artist’s process and work.

« We are interested in bringing many people who are also able to deal with the environment, who are capable of having the sensitivity to see what is happening in the country, and in some way, {…}, link it with their works » indicates Rodrigo Rada, curator of Kiosko Galería.