BrasilIlha do MelResidence of Artists

Encosta – Honey Island, Brasil

Name of Residence:  Encosta
Principal disciplines:  music, performing arts, dance, visual arts, research
Founded in: 2017
Founders:  Gio Soifer, Elisa Cordeiro
Number of residencies per year: 2
Address (City, Country): Honey Island, Brasil




Encosta is a residence of artists created in 2017 by the artist Gio Soifer and the art educator Elisa Cordeiro on Honey Island (Ilha do Mel), a few kilometers from Curitiba in the south of Brazil. This transdisciplinary residence welcomes artists, performers, musicians, dancers, and investigators that want to focus on ecological and social matters. « The proposal of Encosta is always to interact with nature {…} it’s an offer to mediate art with other people. Through art we can talk about many things » explains Elisa Cordeiro, co-founder of the space.
The selected artists spend a few weeks in the family house of Gio Soifer, open to the public when the residents are working, and they are invited to live at the rhythm of the island in order to think art and culture in a non-intrusive way, respectful of its inhabitants and its rich nature.
« I think that Encosta emerged in a very organic way {…} residencies go a long way towards this idea of creating a network. So, it means to understand this space, and to belong to it too » confides Gio Soifer, co-founder of Encosta.