EcuadorResidence of Artists


Name of Residence: Enchanting Wind
Principal artistic disciplines: Visual arts, Performing arts, Writing, Music, Handcraft
Founded in: 2016
Founders: Maya Choi
Number of residents per year: 4
Address (City, Country): Vilcabamba, Ecuador


AIR TV Productions

EnchantingWind – Living the Way of Dao is a private project of spiritual and artistic retreats created in 2016 by the therapeutic art life coach, corporal teacher, and author Maya Choi. The retreats take place on the heights of the Mandango Mountains, part of the Andean Cordilleras, and is perfectly suited to reconnect with nature and the inner peace of each living being. The aim of the project is to support human connections, healing practices, spiritual guidance, meditation, creative disciplines, environmental awareness, and sustainability. 

The residency program is self-directed and only open to mid-career artists. It offers space and time for reflection, exploration, and expansion of their creative practices with no mandatory results. The residency generally lasts one month and happens twice a year. The selected artist will be given a private cabin fully equipped, solar-powered, with almost no connexions with the outer world, private or shared workspaces depending on the needs of the artist, and will have access to painting and pottery studios. Artists may apply by sending a portfolio with their website and an artist statement explaining the creative and spiritual quest that led them to a space like this one.

It’s just like this, artists come, they immerse in themselves, they cut out the other parts of themselves by going inside. Because of that, it’s important giving this opportunity to artists that really want to go inward“, explains Maya.

Artists will be invited to do some meditation, yoga, Samatha, Vipassanā, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and art therapy practices with Maya Choi, and can be invited to share some healthy and vegetarian food in her home. Some other residents may be on-site doing a silent retreat and artists are asked to respect their way of life during their stay.


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