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Everything is a Remix – 8, 9, 10 Dec 2020 – 11H (GMT-5)


Everything is a Remix: Diálogos de Interculturalidad

8, 9, 10 Dec 2020 – ZOOM – 11h (GMT-5)

Everything is a Remix is an annual gathering that explores interculturality and remix in the expanded field of culture through talks, exhibitions, and live performances. In 2020 the approach embraces cultural management and communication.


Tuesday, Dec 8. | 11h00 Dialogues from the creation and audiovisual communication
Rupai Producciones
Coop Docs
Moderator: Tania Navarrete

Wednesday, Dec 9. | 11h00 Dialogues from the arts
Proyecto Galaxxia
Proyecto Camminus
Chawpi Laboratorio de Creación
Moderator: Pedro Soler

Thursday, Dec 10. | 11h00 Dialogues from the houses of cultural management and collective creation
El Útero
Nina Shunku
Artists In Residence TV
Moderator: Pao De La Vega

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Everything is a Remix 2020 is organized by La Experimental EC and counts with the collaboration of Investoria and Andean Agave.

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