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Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Fine Arts Academy in Katowice and the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invite artists and cultural practitioners to a cycle of online seminars about the potential of artists’ residencies, especially in a world where many aspects of our lives and human interactions have become increasingly complicated.

During the moderated discussion panels focusing on key words Community, Care and Laboratory we’ll attempt to look into problems currently facing the sector of artists’ residencies.

Community, Care and Laboratory are the values selected during group workshops of long-term practitioners of residencies. In the past, the sector’s attention used to focus on the model of work, the forms of residencies and their duration. But right now, it’s shifted to relationship-building between artists, local communities and the representatives of the hosting organisations.

We’ll be analising the situation of residencies in a world where the possibilities of movement have become limited. We’ll consider new formats of residencies as the answer to the challenges of the current reality, for example online residencies – whether they are effective and feasible. We’ll look into communities, both set and temporary, which grow around residencies, as well as various levels of the relations within them: those between the residents and between the local and international communities. We’ll discuss the questions of cultural transfer within the context of local communities.

The seminar also aims to facilitate exchange and networking between residency operators through our Online Open Studios segment. In this section various organisations and initiatives running residencies will be able to present their profiles, programmes and residents’ projects during 7-minute slots. We ask the representatives of interested organisations to check the option in their registration form.

Seminar schedule:

  • 29/10/2020  / COMMUNITY, start: 10:00 CET
  • 5/11/2020 / CARE, start: 10:00 CET
  • 26/11/2020  / LABORATORY, start: 10:00 CET


Follow this link to see the presentation of Artists In Residence TV

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