ArgentinaResidence of Artists

Wabi Sabi – Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Name of Residence:  Wabi Sabi
Principal disciplines: photography
Founded in: 2015
Founders:  Romina Resuche
Number of residencies per year: 5-6 micro residencies
Address (City, Country): Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Wabi Sabi is an art residency dedicated to photography and created in 2015 by Romina Resuche in the delta of Tigre, state of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This individual residency program allows a photographer to experience the rich historical scene of the numerous islands of the delta during a week, and connect with his or her personal processes.

The Japanese philosophy of the Wabi Sabi is centered on the traditional aesthetics of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. The residence’s aim is to give an introspectional experience that will feed the creativity of the residents for future projects. « The space enables a lot of self-knowledge. What inspired this residence, beyond its duration and its characteristic, because it is an individual residence, is that it’s a residence for one to be alone, generating something » explains Romina Resuche, curator, and founder of the residence.

The artist in residence will be offered the accommodation on one of the islands of the Tigre delta, with workspaces inside and outside the house, and an accompaniment by its founder or a designated tutor for the project. In addition, the artists can enrich their experience by going to the numerous exhibitions occurring in Buenos Aires, or by visiting the other islands surrounding the residence. « The islands have a lot of history within the world of art, besides that many very interesting artists live and lived here, {…} The delta is a place of retreat on one hand, and it is a place of resistance. It has very special characteristics at the environmental level, at the microclimate level and it also has a lot of cultural history that makes Argentina itself, the Argentinian coast itself and Buenos Aires in particular, » concludes Romina Resuche.


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