ArgentinaResidence of Artists

Residency La Rural – Raco, Tucumán, Argentina

Name of Residence: La Rural, Retiro para artistas y/o curadores
Principal artistic disciplines: visual arts, installations, curating, writing, investigation, engraving
Founded in: 2017
Founders: Marisa Eugenia Rossini
Number of residencies per year: 5
Address (City, Country): Raco, Tucumán, Argentina


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The art residency La Rural was created in 2017 by the artist and art teacher Marisa Eugenia Rossini in the countryside of Tucumán, in order to offer an alternative space for artists out of the consecrated programs of universities and institutions. The residence takes place in a small house in Raco, surrounded by nature where artists can fully concentrate on their artistic projects for a few weeks. « The impact that I feel let’s say, is mainly the production of the artists that are gonna be in conflict when they leave the traditional place of production {… } leaving the everyday life to be able to really challenge oneself in producing another type of work » explains the founder of the residence.

In addition, the artists will be able to show and share their experience with the local scene during the numerous activities organized in the city of Tucumán, as well as participating in drawing and engraving classes given by Marisa Eugenia Rossini. The residency program is open to visual artists as well as writers, curators and investigators from all over the world who want to experience the rich cultural scene of northern Argentina.