BarcelonaResidence of Artists

La Place – Barcelona, Spain


Name of Residence: La Place
Principal disciplines: visual arts, collectors, curators, journalists, critics
Founded in: 2014
Founders: Anne-France Jacquart
Number of artists in residence per year: 6-8
Address (City, Country): Barcelona, Spain
Website: La Place




Artists In Residence Television is proud to present La Place, the smallest residence in Barcelona for artists and art professionals. Created 4 years ago by Anne-France Jacquart, the residence can host one person at the time, artists will then have the possibility to work within the exhibition space, and reside on spot, in the room upstairs.
La Place will take this year a new turn by welcoming collectors in residence. The concept is simple, in order to make the place live, each resident gives a work, and collectors, instead of paying for the stay, will have to acquire a work with a price equivalent to their stay in the residence.