ArgentinaResidence of Artists


Name of Residence: Intemperie – Plataforma Nómade de Arte Contemperáneo
Principal artistic disciplines: visual arts, performances, poetry, installations, site-specific projects
Founded in: 2017
Founders: Deborah Wall, Maite Lopez Poulsen, Alejandra Veglio, Anabela Acastelo
Number of residents per year: 4
Address (City, Country): Necochea y Quequén, Argentina



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Intemperie is a nomadic platform created in 2017 on the Atlantic coast of Argentina that aims to professionalize the cultural scene of Necochea y Quequén. In order to do so, artists from the region are invited to realize site-specific projects in abandoned areas or in the natural environment surrounding the region. « We try to create meetings and projects that have to do with the circulation of production, the circulation of knowledge and experiences, to generate projects and proposals that have to do with receiving artists from other places, artists, managers, researchers » indicates Alejandra Veglio, coordinator of Intemperie.

In 2018, the project opens its annual two weeks residency program, Residencia de Playa, seeking to bring artists from farther regions of the country and from other parts of the world. Thought as a nomadic project, the location will change every year but artists in residence will always find themselves in harmony with the Atlantic ocean. «  We take care of finding a space that has a strong contact with nature, that is a refuge from inclemencies, in a way of speaking, so you have everything to be able to focus, disconnect and be able to let the environment go through your personal researches and be reflected in your work » explains Deborah Wall, coordinator of the residency. « But also by proposing a dialogue with the natural environment and with the socio-cultural context of Necochea and Quequén » adds Maite Lopez Poulsen, coordinator of Intemperie. The artists, investigators or curators participating in the residency will have the opportunity to meet the local community at the beginning of their stay, to share and expose their investigation. And at the end of the residency, the community is invited to an open studio to see the processes and results of their researches. « I think there is a great richness there, it seems to me that the residency is a format that stimulates these meetings, it’s basically this, and because I think we must take advantage of the need for circulation that we have in these times of mobility, of changing places, of knowing other people, other cultures » concludes Alejandra Veglio.