Residence of ArtistsUruguay

GEN Centro de Artes y Ciencias – Montevideo, Uruguay


Name of Residence: GEN Centro de Artes y Ciencias
Principal disciplines: performing arts, visual arts, sciences, music
Founded in: 2013
Founders:  Andrea Arobba, Pablo Casacuberta
Number of residencies per year: 10
Address (City, Country): Montevideo, Uruguay




GEN, Center for Arts and Sciences was founded in 2013 in Montevideo by Andrea Arobba and Pablo Casacuberta, with the objective “to promote the dissemination of art and the internationalization of Uruguayan art” indicates Pablo Casacuberta, founder of the space.

Located in the heart of the Uruguayan capital, GEN counts within its infrastructure a large room fully equipped for performing arts and dance, a workshop for visual artists, as well as a recording studio designed for audio and musical productions, a residence facility and a hybrid conference room. 
At GEN, the resident will find much more than a simple place to stay, “he is offered an approach to the medium, he is offered contact with artists, and if he wishes, with scientists” adds Pablo Casacuberta. In fact, over the past years, the center has grown strong links with several institutions and theaters of the city and abroad, which allows the residents to enjoy this rich environment. “The residence allows you to really get in touch with the surroundings of the place where you are going”, confides Omaira Rodríguez, executive producer at GEN. Through the center, the residents will also have the opportunity to exhibit their materials both in GEN and in other places of Montevideo. “The more you connect with this and that, the more […] the network is building […] and this is the objective of this place, touching the lives of people” comments Andrea Arobba, founder of GEN.


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