Interview of Laura Olea – Promote the visibility of residents


Promote the visibility of residents

Interview of Laura Olea – Manager and producer of the Blueproject Foundation

How to attract a larger audience to see the residents’ work?

The Blueproject Foundation of Barcelona found a very interesting way to attract the public to their galleries by combining exhibitions of established artists and artists in residence. The Foundation ownes one studio for the resident artist, one vegan Café, and two galleries. The back gallery is dedicated to consolidated artists as Michelangelo Pistoletto or Jose Dávila, and the first gallery from where the public enters and which is visible from the street, is reserved for more experimental works made in the Foundation by the artists in residence. Each room is separately curated by two artistic directors, Renato Della Poeta and Aurélien Le Genissel. « In this way, you have a claim to the public, people come to know artists that have not been exposed in Barcelona, or sometimes not in Spain, while they have to go through the Sala Project » explains Laura Olea, production and public activities manager of the Blueproject Foundation.

The main reason for Vanessa Salvi to create this alternative space in the heart of Barcelona was to give more opportunities and visibility to young and emerging artists using established artists that bring a larger audience to its residents. « We have a space in which they can develop a project, they have money to carry out, and we are in an artistic context with the curatorial line that can help them. {…} and that other people can see their work » points out Laura Olea.


Blueproject Foundation

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