Interview of Jordi Bohigas – Residencies and communication

Residencies and communication

Interview of Jordi Boghigas, director of Piramidón

How do residencies communicate about the artist’s works?

In Piramidón, Center d’Art Contemporani, artists come, exhibit and one day may leave, although some artists are in residence since 1994.

This pioneer in the Catalonian artistic landscape already understood in 1989 the necessity to have such spaces, but also to play a significant role in the diffusion of the artists’works during their stay and on the very long term, throughout their career. « Every activity they organize independently or with their gallery, we try to give them echo » explains Jordi Bohigas, Director of Piramidón. Residencies are like big families, once you have been part of it, the relationship is eternal.

By following the career progression of its former artists and giving them a larger audience, the artists and the residence get both recognition for their achievements. « Currently, it is easier to do it through social networks, but twenty-eight years ago when we started, we did it through a bulletin that we edited quarterly, and which we communicated to our people, {…} contributing a little to the diffusion of all their work » confides Jordi Bohigas.

The promotion of the artists in residence is also done through the organization of a weekly lunch and studio visit attended by a dozen guests from very different professional backgrounds. « We program it to be very transverse, that there are not only people from the art field {…} Any professional sectors, to have a synergy and knowledge, and to make known our project » indicates the director of the residence.


Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani

Concili de Trento, 313 – planta 16,

08020 Barcelona, Spain


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