Residence of ArtistsVenezuela


Name of Residence: El Avispero
Principal artistic disciplines: visual arts, curating, art investigations
Founded in: 2014
Founders: Erika Ordosgoitti, Rosa Chávez, George More
Number of residents per year: 4
Address (City, Country): Cúa, Venezuela


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El Avispero is one of the few residencies still operating in Venezuela. Created in 2014 by the artists Erika Ordosgoitti, Rosa Chávez, and George More, its purpose is to promote and to stimulate the development of art through cultural exchanges between national and international artists, curators, and investigators.

Located in Cúa, in Miranda’s state, about 40 minutes away from Caracas, El Avispero offers to artists the possibility to have a space to live, create, and investigate in a quiet and comfortable house.

« They give me materials to be able to carry out the work and when I finish the project I also have the opportunity to exhibit in a space in Caracas. It is a platform to show my work {…}They have helped me, they have understood me. It has been a great experience » confides Luis Theis, artist in residence in 2019.

With a situation quite difficult for all Venezuelans, El Avispero aims through its activities to provide art and culture to the local community.

« I think, I’m sure that Erika, {…}, Rosa, and George are people very interested in the arts, and they don’t want the arts to die in Venezuela at all. They always want to keep art afloat, and thus, they saw in El Avispero the opportunity to contribute with their grain of sand to the world level, » indicates José Mijares, alias « Cheo », amphitryon of El Avispero.