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Despina – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil



Name of Residence: Despina
Principal disciplines: visual arts, performances, curators
Founded in: 2013
Founders: Consuelo Bassanesi
Number of residencies per year: 20
Address (City, Country): Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Website: Despina


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Despina is an independent art space created in 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Combining art studios and an art gallery, Despina runs a residency program that gives the opportunity to artists, performers and curators to work in an enormous open space, in contact with local artists and the carioca’s contemporary art scene. « In these five years, we have hosted around 90 artists. {…} the artists work here in the studio in one of our spaces, they have meetings with curators. We organize trips to art spaces, museums, organizations, we do some studio visits, and we also have a final event » indicates Consuelo Bassanesi, artistic director of the space.

Artists can apply to the residency program through the open calls that happen three times a year, and come to experience the carioca way of life for a period of one to three months. « I guess our residency program helps the artists to understand Brazilian culture in a more critical way, and I think for artists, it is very important to get this cross cultural aspect » explains Frederico Pellachin, communication and residency program coordinator at Despina.

The residency program does not include accommodations, but the residents will find a highly professional team dedicated to his project and will have the opportunity to organize an exhibition or a public activity to show their work. « Despina is not just about having a space in a studio with lots of other artists, it’s also about being able to meet with professionals, critics, curators, other artists, so you’re given a sort of speeded up process of integrating a new environment which you wouldn’t have otherwise » confirms Sarah Knill-Jones, artist in residence.