BrasilResidence of ArtistsSão Paulo

Casa das Caldeiras – São Paulo, Brasil


Name of Residence: Casa das Caldeiras
Principal artistic disciplines: Art, Territory and Heritage
Founded in: 2002 (Residence program since 2008)
Founders: Karina Saccomanno Ferreira
Number of residencies per year: 5
Address (City, Country): São Paulo, Brasil

The Casa das Caldeiras is an important cultural center of São Paulo, located in the XXth century power plant of the first industrial parc of Brazil. Abandoned for a long time, it became part of the historical heritage sites in the 1980s and is restored in 1999. Nowadays, it welcomes numerous cultural activities along the year, in addition to social projects and artistic residencies. « The project works with memory, material and immaterial, somehow the project has a relationship with the city, with its territory, with its contemporary issues, that we are living. So, Casa das Caldeiras, right now, is an opportunity for all the artists to create a movement of transformation » indicates Karina Saccomanno Ferreira, director of the space.

The residency program is called « Works in construction » since the residents are invited to work on process and investigation and not only on production. « We wish to welcome projects that work on a theme that is art, territory, and heritage. It is very important for us that the projects circulate in this crossroads, thus creating a synergy with the place » indicate Joel Borges, artistic director of the Casa das Caldeiras.

With more than 200 national and international residencies since 2008, the residency program is open to all disciplines and the residents will receive curatorial support as well as logistical, administrative and communication backing. « Here is a different environment from the others I’ve had a contact within the art world because it ends up being more fluid and more open as well. Casa das Caldeiras provides space and artists can go through the process itself. There is no schedule nor a final work to deliver. Everything is very free and I find this very important for the process, for the creative process » confides Lucas Martins Fernandes, artist in residence.


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