PerúResidence of Artists

Casa Blanca Centro Cultural – Arequipa, Peru

Name of Residence: Casa Blanca Centro Cultural
Principal artistic disciplines: photography, visual arts
Founded in: 2014
Founders: Conrado Aguilar
Number of residencies per year: 5
Address (City, Country): Arequipa, Peru
Website: Casa Blanca



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The Casa Blanca is a cultural center created in 2016 in the colonial city of Arequipa, with the aim to promote art and culture in the southern part of Peru. With a curatorial line oriented towards photography and cinema, the center welcomes numerous national and international exhibitions, workshops, festivals, roundtables and screenings all year long. « We are trying to bring contemporary art from all over the world here in Arequipa. We need art and culture here in Arequipa, there are not many cultural places, there are not many spaces, and less for photographers, so we imagined this project » explains Conrado Aguilar, director of Casa Blanca.

In order to do so, they doted the space with a residency program for national and international photographers and film-makers, and provide them with accommodation, a black and white laboratory, a lighting studio, and some national curators to help them develop their project on site. In addition, with a gallery space into the institute and one to come directly on the street, the artists in residence will have the opportunity to exhibit their investigation and share it with the Peruvian public at the end of their stay.

The Casa Blanca has become an institution of references for emerging artists that wish to explore the rich cultural heritage of Peru, and share their perception of it with the inhabitant of this ancestral country. « Arequipa is also the « City of Light », we have light all year round and photographers look for light, also the architecture, our culture, our countryside, this is not observed anywhere in Peru. So, here in Arequipa, it seems to me that it is fundamental to have artistic residencies so that people come and that this sharing is generated » adds Conrado Aguilar.