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Capacete – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Name of Residence: Capacete
Principal disciplines: visual arts, performances
Founded in: 1998
Founders: Helmut Batista
Number of residencies per year: 15
Address (City, Country): Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Website: Capacete 


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Capacete is one of Brazil’s oldest residence of artists. Created in 1998 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Capacete aims to promote intercultural exchange for a better understanding of the actual globalized world. The residency program is open to all disciplines and aims to be cross-sectorial in order to act as a social and cultural platform in the Brazilian landscape. « I think the importance of Capacete at this point, is that we are giving the opportunity to produce art in a sense that all kind of bodies are welcome » explains Camilla Rocha Campos, Artistic Director of the space.

Capacete offers two different residency programs: the first one is a 10 months residency for 4 artists from Brazil, 4 from Latin America and 4 from the rest of the world. The second one is a shorter program from 3 to 4 months, allowing the exchange of new practices and the immersion in a cultural debate with local and international artists. « Capacete is offering the accommodation, the facilities, the library where I can come and work, which I also use sometimes as my studio, a beautiful flat in Gloria and the network. {…} I totally advise artists to come and work at Capacete » confides Kalliopim Alliopim Tsipni Kolaza, current artist in residence.