Residence of ArtistsUruguay

Campo Abierto – Rivera, Uruguay


Name of Residence: Campo Abierto
Principal disciplines: performing arts, visual arts, design, music, architecture, technology
Founded in: 2016
Founders: Tamara Cubas, Francisco Lapetina
Number of residencies per year: 6-8 (collective friendly)
Address (City, Country): Rivera, Uruguay



Campo Abierto is an art residency in the North of Uruguay, located in Rivera and founded by Tamara Cubas and Francisco Lapetina in an effort of culture’s decentralization in the country. The emphasis of the project is on social development through culture, education, and technology. « We are interested in the development of prototypes or methodologies that give results or solutions to current issues, in supporting, promoting and encouraging the research, » indicates Tamara Cubas, founder of the space.

The residency takes place in a rural space of 10 hectares, and is able to welcome up to 25 artists in residence during a few weeks, focusing on contemporary arts and cultural matters. Artists and collectives can use the many spaces that offers residency, in particular, the 220 square meters multi-use space built with the local community.

The residence welcomes artists from all disciplines, from performing arts to scientific projects, to disconnect from their daily preoccupations and focus on a special investigation in relation with people interested in the same subject. « If you have the possibility to come and work in a place like this, where you are being, you are living and you are inhabiting with the people who are part of the project, there is another type of relationship {…} It is priceless! » concludes Francisco Lapetina, founder of Campo Abierto.