CubaResidence of Artists

ArtHaus – La Habana, Cuba

Name of Residence: ArtHaus
Principal artistic disciplines: visual arts, curators, cultural agents, writers, audiovisual, performance
Founded in: 2016
Founders: Fabiana Salgado, Elena Molina
Number of residencies per year: 4
Address (City, Country): La Habana, Cuba
Website: ArtHaus



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ArtHaus is an art project started in 2016 by the artists Fabiana Salgado and Elena Molina in the heart of La Habana, Cuba. Working as an experimental art laboratory, ArtHaus promotes contemporary practices by organizing numerous exhibitions, talks, workshops, and screenings, related to visual arts, sound arts, cinema, audiovisual arts and performance.

In addition, ArtHAus has an international residency program for artists, performers, writers, musicians, and curators that takes place in a comfortable colonial house a few blocks away from the University of La Habana. « With all the activities that we have organized within the project, we have realized through the own dynamics of operation, that it can be interesting to use our space and activate the physical area by creating a residency, to offer space to artists, and also a relationship with the Cuban artistic community » explains Fabiana Salgado, founder of the project.

Four artists will be selected to participate in a joint residence program, converting ArtHaus in a major actor and meeting point between the Cuban culture and the international scene, allowing many national emerging artists to meet artists from other parts of the world. « I think that is that, the connections that we have through our space, to put it in function of the artists and that it enhances the exchange of cultures, languages, social processes…» indicates Fabiana Salgado.

Artists in residence can apply for a minimum of two weeks stays during which they will have the opportunity to produce in the most inspiring city of the world, and share their results with the local communities. « I think it’s going to be an enriching experience for both those who come and those from here. We want the diapason to be a little wider, I do not think it should be something closed but something that would be spontaneous according to what the artist is interested in, or the creator or the researcher or the people who are interested in Cuban art » confides Grisel Antelo, coordinator of the residence.