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AIRTV is a project born in Barcelona, Spain, from the lack of video channels dedicated to the residencies of artists. The phenomenon of artists residencies is growing fast and worldwide, reducing the areas without such places.

AIRTV aims to map all those amazing creative spaces and present each of them with a video of introduction. It would greatly help artists, art lovers, but also the residencies to differentiate one from another. We do believe in the unique set of skills, people and services that residencies offer to promote art and culture, and the power of images to reach larger audiences.

The project also comes from a passion for traveling and an urge to meet and connect new cultures and people, new visions and opinions, new insights and lifestyles, as to have a good overview of the artist residence sector on the international scale.


AIRTV is a Web Television dedicated to residencies of artists. The vision of AIRTV is to equally promote all residencies by offering a platform on which each of them can present itself in short videos accessible to all audiences.

AIRTV content includes: residence trailer, interviews, debates, round tables...


The project initially started with the will to help residencies to promote themselves. There are various networks and communities presenting or rating the residencies and editing the latest deadlines and open calls for artists-in-residence programs. They do not present any recurrent audiovisual contents which is an opportunity for AIRTV to settle in as the official social video media.


AIRTV positions itself as a social video media and a referencing art channel. It aims to collaborate with the existing networks on which the residencies are already part of, and give an added-value to their contents. The platform aims to have an international scope by giving an overview of artists residencies around the globe, with video contents available in English, French and Spanish.

Why Latin America

AIRTV is a French initiative, born in Barcelona with the project to partially cover Spain and Portugal as starting areas in order to build strong relationships that will allow collaborations with Latin America first, then North America, before taking it back to Europe, creating an international network with the goal of reinforcing the communities already in motion today. Latin America is still an underestimated territory by the global art market, even though being extremely dynamic in the fields of culture and arts. We believe that by starting in this particular area, our chances to create a strong network for international residencies would have an impact on the long term latin-american market, and could allow AIRTV to become a major worldwide player in less than two years.

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Vladimir de Vaumas

Ensuing Art Market studies at the EAC School Paris (École des métiers de l'Art et de la Culture), Vladimir worked for international galleries in Paris, as well as a journalist, and collaborated with Art Media Agency, one of the largest press relay for the art market in France, and first website in private expertise.

Vladimir worked during few years for the artists' residence Espronceda, Center for Art and Culture (Barcelona), engaging with contemporary art and the phenomenon of artists' residence. He wrote a thesis on the following subject: The phenomenon of artists’ residency: fundings and evolution of the commercial practices, could the residences play a role on the art market ?

Alexandra Christev

After studying press relations and communication, Alexandra graduated from an Event Management Master’s degree at Sup de Pub Paris and worked for an event agency, Novell’Art and international multidisciplinary festivals (Japan Expo, Comic Con’ Paris, Ravensare) as part of the production and programming team.

After moving in Barcelona, Alexandra graduated from an Arts and Cultural Management Master’s degree at the UIC (International University of Catalunya), and worked in production and logistics for the performing arts residence, La Central del Circ. Currently, Alexandra is part of the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs which allows her to dedicate full-time to the creation of AIRTV.

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